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U.S. Embassy Honors Eight Nigerien Journalists at World Press Freedom Day Celebration
May 4, 2021



Embassy of the United States of America, Niger




Press Release

For immediate release: May 4, 2021

U.S. Embassy Honors Eight Nigerien Journalists at World Press Freedom Day Celebration

The U.S. Embassy Niamey honored eight Nigerien journalists during an iftar at Ambassador Whitaker’s residence on May 3, 2021.  The event, held on World Press Freedom Day, celebrated Nigerien journalists and their vital role in Niger.  It also marked the conclusion of the embassy’s program “The Professionalization of Nigerien Journalists for Electoral Coverage.” The Embassy partnered with l’Association des Professionnelles Africaines de la Communication (APAC-Niger) to administer the program.

In addition to the prizes for the eight winners, the program provided training to three journalists from each of Niger’s eight regions as they covered Niger’s elections, post-electoral transition, and start of the current administration.  The program also sponsored a nationwide journalism competition for “Best Journalistic Works for Peaceful Elections in Niger.”  Journalists were able to submit their works on peaceful elections in four categories:  radio, television, print, and online.

The Embassy and APAC-Niger revealed the winners at an awards ceremony during the celebratory iftar.  The jury, which consisted of staff from the U.S. Embassy, APAC-Niger, Maison de la Presse, and independent media evaluated and scored dozens of works before selecting the winners.

The results were:

Radio 1st place :  Sakinatou Abdou Sanda, Radio and Télévision Niger 24

Radio 2nd place :  Maman Sani Abdou Haladou, Radio Anfani, Maradi

Television 1st place:  Algalass Addine, ORTN, Tillabery

Television 2nd place:  Moumoni Moussa Ismael, Télévision Labari

Press Ecrite 1st place:  Ali Maman, ONEP

Presse Ecrite 2nd place :  Mahaman Moustapha Omar, La Nation

Presse En Ligne 1st place :  Maman Sabo Bachir, Agence Nigérienne de Presse

Presse En Ligne 2nd place :  Abdou Tsahirou, Agence Nigérienne de Presse, Tahoua

During the awards ceremony, Ambassador Whitaker emphasized the strong U.S. commitment to Niger’s press freedom.  He said, “A free and transparent media facilitates the exchange of life-saving information, combats corruption, and defends human rights.  We will continue to support journalists in their efforts to ensure a free and impartial press in Niger, which strengthens democracy, freedom of expression, and civil liberties.  We remain, as always, a partner in this vital effort.”