2016 SGI Program Annual Review

Security Governance Initiative


The SGI Niger Joint Country Action Plan (JCAP), signed October 2015, focuses on conducting a national security review and developing a strategic framework, aligning Government of Niger (GON) resources to security needs, and improving external communications. The GON showed steady progress in 2016 through high-level engagement and participation from across the government.

National Security Framework. A national security framework enables the GON to strategically prioritize and plan for addressing security threats. In 2016, SGI supported a roles and responsibilities review of Nigerien security forces that identified their core mission areas and developed a schedule for the GON to conduct threat assessments. Through SGI, the GON drafted guidance for defense and security services, supervised by the Ministries of Interior and Defense, to undertake a rigorous planning process consistent with the strategic framework.

Align Resources to Address Security Needs. Maintaining effective management of human, material, and financial resources will enable the GON to more efficiently align its security sector resources more efficiently to security needs. In 2016, SGI began the rebalance of the security sector budget by better funding the life cycle costs (e.g. maintenance and fuel) of newly acquired equipment. The work of SGI also led to the drafting and revision of policies and procedures for personnel assignments and promotions, classification of military occupational specialties, and the development of security sector-wide logistics doctrine

External Communications. Open and frequent communication with citizens on security policies and plans fosters public confidence in the government. In 2016, SGI promoted dialogue between the GON and civil society, and supported plans to form a structure to coordinate interministerial communication on security policies. The GON prepared a directive to strengthen communications offices in the Ministries of National Defense, Interior, and Justice. SGI will continue to enhance information-sharing between the GON and Nigerien citizens, including by developing the capacity of the media to report on defense and security policy.

The review can be accessed on the U.S. Embassy website in English (PDf 781KB) and in French (PDF 773KB).