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American and Nigerien Military Medical Personnel Provide Care to More Than 350 People in Mangaize
de 350 Personnes à Mangaizé
March 4, 2021


On February 08 2021, Niger’s Actions Civilo-Militaire (ACM) led a medical outreach event in Mangaize, Niger in coordination with the U.S. Civil-Military Support Element (CMSE).

Medical professionals from the Ouallam Hospital, OP ALMAHAOU, and United States Special Operations Forces worked together to provide medical exams and treatment for more than 350 Nigeriens who were displaced due to the heinous extremist attacks in Tchombangou and Zarmoudareye.

The attacks caused more than 1,500 families to flee their homes and go to Mangaize for security and support.  The combined effort from the Government of Niger, traditional leaders, and Security and Defense Forces displayed leaders’ commitment to disarm internal conflict and solve regional security problems.

U.S. Embassy spokesperson Stephen E. Dreikorn explained, “Whether Department of Defense, Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development, or Millennium Challenge Corporation, we do these types of activities with our Nigerien counterparts frequently.  They show the depth and breadth of U.S. – Nigerien cooperation and how our bilateral cooperation benefits the people of Niger.”