Art Exhibit

U.S. Embassy Niamey supported the organization of an art exhibition initiated by Kathleen Stafford and Yongi Chung, two American artists. This exhibition titled “Lost and Found” opened February 28 at the American Cultural Center with attendance of Ambassador Eunice Reddick.

Motivated by the beauty of simplicity in the design and enduring nature of the designs of everyday Nigerien items common to all households, the work of Yongi Chung and Kathleen Stafford is based on their interpretation of local Nigerien culture and daily life.  The two artists use common local materials which are visually interesting and repurposed them to express their own view of nature and natural beauty in the modern tradition of “Found Art.”

On March 1st, thirty students between the ages 9-13 from École Mission were invited to visit the exhibition with the Ambassador. They had the opportunity to ask questions to the artists and to practice hand painting.

The exhibition ends on March 7, 2017.

Many guests attended the event that also had a wide coverage by private and public media