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Educational Advising

How can I access EducationUSA?

EducationUSA is the best source for more information on American universities, scholarships, and test preparation.

If you are just starting to research studying in the USA, start here: Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study.

Follow U.S. Embassy Niamey on Facebook for EducationUSA news and updates.

EducationUSA Adviser

The EducationUSA Advisor, based at the American Cultural Center, provides guidance to prospective students, including:

  • One-on-one advising sessions during appointments or walk-in visits to the American Cultural Center;
  • Providing information and answering questions about American universities and the U.S. educational system by mail, telephone, or email; and
  • Assisting students throughout the application process.

You can meet the EducationUSA Adviser at the American Cultural Center on Mondays and Thursdays from 14:30 to 16:30 or by appointment.

Email NigerEducationUSA@state.gov or follow U.S. Embassy Niamey for information on upcoming EducationUSA outreach sessions in the regions.

You can access reference books on U.S. universities, standardized tests, and financial aid at the American Spaces in Niger.

If I am interested in scholarships for undergraduate studies, what should I do?

Scholarships are available for international students wanting to study in the USA. However, researching and applying for scholarships requires time, energy, and effort. We encourage you to start researching scholarships and financial aid early in the study abroad process. Scholarships can be offered by individual universities, charitable foundations, private companies, and individuals. The EducationUSA Adviser can provide advice and guidance on financing your studies, but ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to research and apply for scholarships for which they meet the eligibility criteria.

Students looking for scholarships are strongly encouraged to consult the EducationUSA weekly newsletter, which provides examples of scholarships available to international students. The newsletter is published weekly on the U.S. Embassy Niamey Facebook page.  You can also email NigerEducationUSA@state.gov and request to be added to the newsletter’s email distribution list. Copies are also available upon request in the Rosa Parks Library at the American Cultural Center and at the American Corners in Agadez, Maradi, and Zinder.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program offers full, four-year scholarships to talented young people from economically disadvantaged communities, particularly in Africa.

Does the U.S. Embassy offer scholarships?

The only scholarship the U.S. Embassy in Niger offers on an annual basis is the Fulbright scholarship for graduate study at the master’s degree level (after bac + 4). You can find out more about this scholarship here: http://eca.state.gov/fulbright/country/niger or by emailing NigerExchanges@state.gov

The EducationUSA service at the American Cultural Center does not provide scholarships. However, the EducationUSA Adviser offers guidance and resources to research scholarships and financial aid.

How do I get a student visa?

EducationUSA does not provide visas services. Visit our visa page and email ConsulateNiamey@state.gov with your student visa questions.