EducationUSA Outreach

Student in Agadez at the Education USA Presentation

PAS Niamey’s EducationUSA Advisor conducted outreach in Niger’s main cities – Agadez, Tahoua, Maradi, Zinder and Dosso – from May 5-14. In each city the Advisor gave presentations on the five steps to study in the United States and discussed undergraduate and graduate opportunities, financial aid, and standardized test preparation. The sessions were open to students, educators, and parents. Each presentation was follow by a lively question and answer session. The Advisor also shared information about USG exchange programs and held events at the American Corners in Agadez, Maradi, and Zinder.
The in-person outreach was amplified by a comprehensive media plan that included radio and TV advertising, interviews, and real-time social media posting. Overall more than 800 students were reached.