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RFQ# MPR0051907  


The U.S. Embassy in Niamey is seeking prospective contractors to:

-Build complete portable Guard Shacks for S-115, S-121, S-157, S-120, S-147, S-184 and S-150

-Repair the broken Guard shack at S-172

-Install a complete air condition unit device on the Guard Shack at S-116.

The work must be completed 60 days  after the notice to proceed. A site visit will be schedule on July 19th 2018 at 10 AM

All interested contractors must submit their contacts at the following email address: Niameygsoprocurement@State.gov before July 18th at 17:30 PM .The closing date of the bid will be July 25th at 17:30 PM

We encourage those individuals or organizations interested in submitting a proposal to use the award as seed money to generate buy-in from other stakeholders. We will be looking for partnerships and cost-sharing with host country civil society organizations and the business community that can extend the impact of your proposals. Competitive proposals will also address the issue of sustainability — explaining how the project or program will continue beyond the initial support from the U.S. government.