Request for Quotation

  1. U.S. Embassy Niamey
  2. Request for Quotation

The U.S. Embassy in Niamey is seeking prospective contractors to provide an annual subscription Internet mega intense by optical fiber 10 megabits

The bid will close on October 13th ,2022 at 17:30.


All quotations must be sent to the following address  : and contractor must have an active registration into SAM (


  1. Identification of the Activity and the Requiring Agency.

The U.S. Embassy Niamey, Information Resource Management (IRM), requests use of other than full and open competition to award a sole-source fixed cost fee, indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity contract for a dedicated, leased-channel, high-speed access to the internet; data transport media via C-Band satellite.  The IRM requests approval to award a sole-source contract to “Delta Bridge, Inc., of Alexandria, VA”, the only available and authorized service provider in sub-Saharan Africa.

  1. Nature and/or description of the action being approved.

The purpose of this sole-source contract is to avoid a single-point-failure and establish a second Internet Service Provider (ISP) circuit.  In the interest of the DOS, Post Niamey urgently needs to establish a second path to avoid gap and loss of communications in an event of service loss by the local primary provider, whom does not have redundancy built into their infrastructure.  The 2nd circuit will ensure consistent connectivity to Department’s OpenNet systems.

  1. Government Cost Estimate.

The estimated annual cost for this service is approximately $151,500, for the Internet Service.

  1. Description of the supplies or services required to meet the agency’s needs.

The service acquisition is for purchasing C-Band Satellite Service including setup/maintenance of  (Antenna, Modem, LNB, etc.), which includes one-to-one dedicated always up Internet Service with support in restricted areas from “Delta Bridge, Inc., of Alexandria, VA”, the DOS authorized service provider in sub-Saharan Africa.

  1. An identification of the statutory authority permitting other than full and open competition.

The statutory authority for other than full and open competition is Title 10 U.S. Code Section 2304(c)(3)(B), as implemented by FAR 6.302-1, expert services. The Delta Bridge, Inc., of Alexandria, VA, is the only available and responsible source and no other suppliers or services will satisfy the urgently needed agency requirement.

  1. A demonstration that the proposed contractor’s unique qualifications or the nature of the acquisition requires use of the authority cited (for sole source acquisitions; also required for unusual and compelling urgency where more than one offer will not be solicited).

The “Delta Bridge, Inc., of Alexandria, VA”, currently is providing this service to the DOS missions, in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and approximately 1,000, sites around the world. Currently, there is no known other service provider that can fulfill this specialized critical mission requirement in identified austere environments with cleared individuals.

  1. A description of efforts made to ensure that offers are solicited from as many potential sources as is practicable. The description should include whether a FedBizOpps notice was or will be publicized, as required by FAR 5.2, and if not, which exception under FAR 5.202 applies (e.g., blanket waiver provided in DOSAR 605.202-70).

Publicizing Contract Actions, Foreign Acquisitions; DOSAR 605.202-70 / 5.202 (a) (13).

  1. A determination by the Contracting Officer that the anticipated cost to the Government will be fair and reasonable.

The costs are based on public pricing that is made available by the Delta Bridge, Inc., of Alexandria, VA.

  1. A description of the market survey conducted and the results or a statement of the reasons a market survey was not conducted.

Market research and survey was conducted for this acquisition and based on the services currently provided other DOS mission, Delta Bridge, Inc., of Alexandria, VA, is determined to be technically acceptable and reflecting the best value for the backup 2nd circuit via satellite services.

  1. Any other facts supporting the use of other than full and open competition.

The Niger Government has a full monopoly on Telecommunication systems, and currently all sub vendors traverse over the Niger Telecom Fiber backbone in the country.  To avoid a single-point-failure and ensure the Internet services availability during the loss/emergencies, mission Niamey needs to rely on a backup circuit to restore and maintain connectivity to the Department’s OpenNet systems.

  1. A listing of sources, if any that expressed, in writing, an interest in the acquisition.

Delta Bridge, Inc., of Alexandria, VA.

  1. A statement of the actions, if any, the agency may take to remove or overcome any barriers to competition before any subsequent acquisition for the supplies or services required.

Niger Government via Niger Telecom provides 100% of the internet traversing Niger via their backbone.  All sub-vendors must utilize this telecom infrastructure and legal authority in providing the Internet services requires using this path to operate in country, therefore, there are no true back-up solutions to fulfil this critical requirement. Historical information collected by Post and ENM have shown the lack of reliability using the current methodology used for Post connectivity.


I certify that this justification is accurate and contains complete data necessary to support the recommendation for other than full and open competition.

________________________________                        August 12, 2021

Christopher Hanna                                                      Date

Information Management Officer


Requirements Office

I certify that this submission is accurate, and that it contains complete information necessary to enable other officials to make an informed recommendation for approval or disapproval.


________________________________                        August 12, 2021

Alfred Braswell                                                            Date

General Services Officer/Contracting Officer


I certify that the national security concerns of the referenced acquisition(s) meet the criteria set forth in Executive Order 12958 and FAR 6.302-6.*