Factsheet: Le Niger se Lève

Le Niger se Lève describes all the efforts of U.S. Embassy Niger as it partners with Nigeriens to bring about a better future.  This important work encompasses activities in agriculture, education, entrepreneurship, communications, security, and more.

We sincerely believe that Niger is on the rise.  As partners, we commit to working together to continue a positive trend.  Here are just a few examples of our ongoing efforts:

  • With our Nigerien partners, we launched the $437 million Millennium Challenge Compact, which will improve millions of lives through better access to water, advances in agricultural practices, and improvement in roads for market access.
  • With an investment of more than $155 million per year, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) supports programs for improved agricultural production; food security; humanitarian assistance; better health care; advancing democracy, human rights and good governance; conflict prevention and management; education; and economic growth.
  • Through the Department of Defense and Department of State, we partner on flagship security-enhancing programs for aviation capacity building, intelligence and surveillance, advancements in logistics and maintenance practices, training and professionalizing the Nigerien Armed Forces, and enhancing police and law enforcement.
  • Our public affairs section trains bloggers and journalists, engages hundreds of girls in sports and leadership initiatives, assists entrepreneurs, and sends young people and professionals to the United States on nearly 100 exchanges each year.

We know that there are still many challenges for Niger.  However, we remain optimistic in wanting to see a more prosperous future.  As strong partners, we are closer to achieving our goals and able to do more together than apart.