A Life-Saving Solution in Maradi

5 February, 2019

For some villages, boreholes are a lifeline, providing a clean and reliable water source.  However, boreholes do break down, and the cost of repair is…

Why do we say Niger is Rising

5 February, 2019

Why do we say Niger is rising? Because initiatives like MCA-Niger are helping municipalities like Birni N’Gaouré Commune. Hadjia Maiga Fati, Mayor of Birni N’Gaouré, notes…

Ambassador Whitaket and Hadizatou Mani ( Women of Courage 2009)

Factsheet: Le Niger se Lève

4 February, 2019

Le Niger se Lève describes all the efforts of U.S. Embassy Niger as it partners with Nigeriens to bring about a better future.  This important…