Press Release for YAWWA Launch

For Immediate Release
Niamey, Niger
January 23, 2015


USAID Launches Program to Engage Social Innovators and

Entrepreneurs in Niger


Niamey, Niger, 23 January 2015 – Today, the United States Government, acting through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), announced the launch of “YAWWA,” a 3-year, $1.9 Million project that will seek to empower social innovators and entrepreneurs in Niger to develop and act upon innovative and practical solutions to development problems.

A collaborative effort between USAID and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, the YAWAA project – which stands for Youth, Advocacy, Women, Work and Alliances – recognizes the many Nigeriens who are already developing creative ideas and the local entrepreneurs that are already providing beneficial services to their communities. USAID’s funding will seek to promote and scale-up these local, innovative solutions. Equipping local communities to adapt and recover from shocks and stresses builds resilience and is a key component of USAID’s resilience agenda.

The YAWWA project is unique in that it is firmly grounded in local solutions and will utilize small grants, training and coaching to empower and enhance the capacity of local NGOs to guide and implement the majority of activities themselves. By providing Nigerien social innovators and entrepreneurs with new skills and tools, this project will enhance sustainable solutions to development problems.

The project’s special focus on increasing economic opportunities for youth will support the Government of Niger’s development priorities as outlined in the Programme de Développement Economique et Sociale (PDES). The project’s focus on income diversification also contributes to Niger’s flagship initiative 3N (Nigeriens Nourish Nigeriens).  USAID’s programmatic alignment exemplifies the shared commitment needed among international donors and country leadership to help the most vulnerable escape cycles of crisis and sustain progress.

Through the YAWWA project, USAID’s work in Niger is helping people, communities and countries to mitigate and recover from shocks and stresses in a way that reduces chronic vulnerability and facilitates inclusive growth, which is critical in the fight against extreme poverty.


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