Prime Minister Visits USAID Garden Project Site (March 15, 2015)

Women Working in the Garden (Photo: Hamidou Balkissa )
Women Working in the Garden (Photo: Hamidou Balkissa )

Prime Minister Brigi Rafini visited a USAID-sponsored “oasis garden” in the Filingue Department in southwestern Niger on 15 March.

Managed by the Al Barkat Women’s Group in Iguefan Village, this 1.2-hectare oasis garden is designed to help the community meet nutritional needs while adapting to climate change.

With the help of a solar-powered irrigation system, the Al Barkat Group now can grow vegetables and moringa trees year round.

The USAID project “Resilience and Economic Growth in the Sahel – Enhanced Resilience” (REGIS-ER), implemented by NCBA-CLUSA, also helped the group to gain permanent ownership of the site, access finance, engage in livestock enterprises and improve the health and nutrition of their families.

Impressed by Al Barkat’s progress, Prime Minister Rafini praised the group during his visit to the site and encouraged them to continue their efforts.

Through the REGIS-ER project, USAID’s work in Niger is helping people, communities and countries to mitigate and recover from shocks and stresses in a way that reduces chronic vulnerability and facilitates inclusive growth, which is critical in the fight against extreme poverty.