Repatriation Flight: U.S. Embassy Niamey, Niger

Location: Niger (countrywide)

Event:  During this time of global response to COVID-19, U.S. Embassy Niamey is prioritizing assistance to American citizens.  With the suspension of commercial air service in Niger, U.S. Embassy Niamey is attempting to arrange repatriation flights to the United States.  The first of such flights could depart Niamey as early as Sunday evening, March 29, or during the early morning hours of Monday, March 30, probably to Washington, DC.  We are evaluating the interest of the American citizen community regarding who wishes to take advantage of this option.

Private U.S. citizens seeking to depart are required to sign a promissory note value $2,000 per seat and will be billed at a later date by the Department of State in Washington, DC.  The U.S. Embassy is awaiting many details about this first flight, including the number of seats available.  We are also exploring other flight options.

Please note that no pets will be permitted on the flight and that baggage will be limited.  Please let us know today, Saturday, March 28, at, if you are interested on leaving on this flight because of an urgent medical need.  We will contact you if a flight is arranged and you are confirmed for a seat.  Unless you receive an e-mail from the U.S. Embassy in Niamey confirming your flight, please DO NOT come to the Embassy or go to the airport in Niamey.

Passengers will be listed in priority order per State Department guidelines as follow:

  • U.S. citizens at higher risk from the virus – adults 65 and older, and people of any age with underlying health issues that render them more vulnerable to a negative outcome should they contract the COVID-19 virus.  Please let us know if you have an urgent medical need.
  • U.S. citizen minors and one (1) escort.
  • Adult U.S. citizens in need of medical assistance who do not fall into a higher priority group.
  • Other U.S. citizens.
  • Non-U.S. citizen dependents of U.S. citizens.
  • Eligible non-U.S. citizens, such as legal permanent residents (LPRs – “Green card” holders) with priority given to those with underlying health issues or 65 years or older.

Actions to Take: