Security Governance Initiative 2015 Review

Statement on Presidential Elections in Niger

 Embassy of the United States Niamey
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
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Security Governance Initiative 2015 Review  


The Embassy of the United States of America in Niger presents its compliments to the Nigerien government and its people for their commitment to the Security Governance Initiative (SGI).  Earlier this month, the State Department, in conjunction with its interagency partners, released the SGI: 2015 Review in English.  The U.S. Embassy is pleased to present the French version of the report today.  The review can be accessed on the U.S. Embassy website in English (PDf 876KB) and in French (PDF 920KB).

SGI was launched at the U.S. Africa Leaders Summit in August 2014 by President Obama with $65 million in initial funding.  This new joint effort between the United States and six African partners seeks to improve security sector management and partner capacity to address security threats in a manner consistent with democratic values.  SGI partner countries are Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Tunisia.

SGI’s central objective is to enable partner countries to develop and enhance policies, institutional structures, systems, and processes that allow them to more efficiently, effectively, and responsibly deliver security and justice to their citizens. SGI focuses on supporting partner country efforts to improve the management, oversight, accountability, and sustainability of security sector institutions.  In Niger, for example, one of the SGI focus areas is working with the Nigerien government to enhance its  communication of its security policies to the public in order to build  trust with its citizens.

The SGI: 2015 Review provides SGI stakeholders – including our partner governments, other security sector assistance providers, civil society, and the public – a more complete understanding of SGI’s objectives and methodology, and a window into SGI’s ongoing work.  Transparency in security sector management is one of the central tenets of SGI, and we are proud that the SGI team is modeling the transparency we hope to see in our partner governments as part of their security sector reform efforts.