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Marriage in Niger
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Marriage Procedures for Americans Wanting to Marry in Niger

The following information is to assist American citizens contemplating marriage in Niger.

Although marriage statutes in the United States vary from state to state a marriage performed in Niger under Nigerien law is generally recognized as valid throughout the United States. Civil marriages in Niger can be performed only in a “mairie” (city hall).

The Civil Ceremony 

To be legal, all marriages must be performed by a Nigerien civil authority, i.e., an “officier de l’état civil”.  In practice, this means the mayor (maire) or his legally authorized representative, such as a deputy mayor (adjoint), or his secretary general (secrétaire general).

Documentary requirements

  • Birth Certificate
  • A valid U.S. passport containing a valid Nigerien visa
  • National I.D. Card
  • Certificat de non-opposition (certificate showing that the parties are    free   to marry)
  • Certificat de Residence (certificate of Residence from the Central Police Station)
  • Déclaration en vue de mariage (Affidavit for marriage purposes)


  • One witness for the bride
  • One witness for the groom
  • Documents of identification (Passport or I.D. Card) for the witnesses


No fees are charged for performing the ceremony but, two hundred francs (200 FCFA) is charged for the issuance of each copy of the marriage certificate.  There is no limit on the number of copies that are requested.