TechCamp Niamey Voix pour la Paix

United States Embassy Niamey

 January 21, 2016



Subject: TechCamp Niamey Voix pour la Paix

The U.S. Embassy in Niamey, in partnership with Niger’s Conseil National de la Jeunesse (National Youth Council, CNJ), and the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP), hosted “TechCampNiamey: Voix pour la Paix” January 20-21.  TechCamps are two-day, fully interactive workshops that connect leading technology experts as trainers with local leaders to build digital capacity and co-create solutions to real world challenges.  Over 65 religious and youth leaders from across Niger and the Sahel traveled to Niamey to participate in “TechCampNiamey: Voix pour la Paix,” which is the first IIP TechCamp focused on countering violent extremism.

In preparation for this event, the U.S. Embassy and CNJ organized a one-day program in November 2015 with 20 leaders from Diffa, Zinder, Agadez, and Niamey.  The group discussed radicalization in their communities and ways technology can be used to create and promote counter-narratives of peace and tolerance.  The discussions held in November 2015 inspired the training topics for “TechCampNiamey: Voix pour la Paix.”

During the first day of the TechCamp, 11 trainers from Africa, Europe, and the United States led interactive sessions on topics such as “Multimedia Storytelling,” “Social Media for Religious Leaders,” and “Connectivity and Digital Access in Rural Areas.”  On the second day, participants applied these skills in small groups to come up with dynamic strategies to counter extremist messages and promote peace and tolerance.

The U.S. Embassy in Niamey and CNJ have dedicated $20,000 to support follow-on activities that will be designed and implemented by TechCamp participants. This funding will allow youth and religious leaders to share the skills they have gained and implement the projects they have designed within their communities.


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