Thanks to her mentor Balikissa Dan Jimo Rose to the Top of her Class

The USAID Education Program NECS provides student mentors who have changed the lives of thousands of girls and boys like Balikissa Dan Jimo. Here is her powerful story.

Balikissa Dan Jimo was born in 2004 in the village of Maigaoude and was identified early in her schooling as a student who needed help with reading and writing.  Thanks to a USAID program, Balikissa participated in a special mentoring program. She soon shot up to the fourth grade (CE2) level.

Working with her mentor,  Saidou Amaria, Balikissa worked hard to catch up and soon became a model student.  Not only did she pass her junior high school exam, she was identified as one of the top eighth grade  (5em) students.

Sadly, at the beginning of the school year in 2016, Balikissa’s father passed away and she considered interrupting her studies.  However, thanks to her mentor’s psychosocial support, she regained her focus and continued performing well in school.

Balikissa hopes to become a nurse to help her community. Inspired by the support from her mentor, she has started to help her young brothers Saddikou Dan Jimo and Sani Dan Jimo advance in their studies.   Balikissa is thankful for the USAID mentoring program that helped her and continues to help others in Maigaoude.