The United States Awards Niger $79,000 USD for Community Projects

United States Embassy Niamey 


October 6, 2015


The United States Awards Niger $79,000 USD for Community Projects 

In a ceremony attended by U.S. Ambassador Eunice Reddick and Director General Elhadji Ibrahim Adamou from the Ministry of Planning, the United States awarded grants designated for community-based projects across Niger, including the Niamey, Dosso, Tillabery, and Diffa regions.

The majority of grants will go to initiatives supporting women, from projects combating women’s vulnerability by assisting in livestock production, to the purchase of two gridding/husker machines for pastoral women of Tagayet.  The two largest grants will support Nigerien women returnees from Mali living in Niamey, and Nigerien women returnees from Nigeria living in Maradi.

In total, 12 grants (10 for the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund and two for the Julia Taft Fund for Refugees) were awarded in the ceremony.

The grants will be implemented by local NGOs in Niger.