Notarial Services

To make an appointment for notarial services at U.S. Embassy, Niamey, click here.

For general information and legal considerations regarding notarial services offered by the U.S. Department of State, click here.

Requirements for Document Notarization

For a Consular Officer to notarize your documents, you must bring:

  • Fee: The fee for notary services is $50 or 31,000 CFA for each notarization. If your document requires more than one notarized signature, you will have to pay the fee for each signature.
  • Identification: Valid passport or other form of identity issued by a government agency — a U.S. driver’s license is acceptable for identification purposes.
  • Document to be notarized:
    • The signer must understand the document, as consular staff members are not allowed to explain the contents to you.
    • Please make sure the document filled in with the appropriate names, places, and dates, but do not sign it.  For a document to be legally notarized, it must be signed at the Embassy in front of the consular official.
  • Witnesses: Consular Officers and staff may NOT be witnesses for notarial purposes.
    • If your document requires the presence of a witness or witnesses, you must bring a person or persons with you, depending on the specific requirements of the document(s) to be signed.  For example, if the document says “witness,” you may bring in one witness; if the document has three separate “witness” signature lines, then you can bring in a maximum of three witnesses.  In this case, the witnesses do not need a separate appointment.
    • Citizen Services’ applicants over 18, who are available in the Consular Section waiting room may serve as witnesses, but we cannot guarantee that there will be anyone present who is willing to serve as a witness.

Please note: If you require notarization of translated documents, the person who translated the document must be present at the notarization.