U.S. Embassy Auction

United States Embassy Niamey

October 14, 2015



U.S. Embassy Auction

The General Services Office of the US Embassy is pleased to announce a sealed bid auction of used household and office furniture, electrical appliances and parts, and motor vehicle replacement parts.  All items are organized into lots and bidders must bid on whole lots, not piecemeal.  Items from one lot cannot be exchanged for items in another lot.

Viewing of the lots and submission of sealed bids by the general public (to include Embassy staff and contractors not connected with the auction) will take place on October 28and October 29 from 9:30 am until 4:00 pm at the Embassy Warehouse which is located offsite from the Embassy (Address: Zone Industrielle Route de l’aéroport, across from the Niamey Hippodrome).  All Embassy personnel who would like to view/bid on any of the items for sale must wear your official Embassy badge to access the Warehouse area.  In order to bid on a lot, a bidder must pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of CFA 1000 for a bid ticket.  All bidders must bring this ticket with them on Saturday, October 31 as proof of the bid.  Any and all Embassy personnel involved in this auction are forbidden from participating in the bidding process.

The results of the bidding will be revealed at the Warehouse on Saturday, October 31, beginning at 9:00 am.  Winning bids must be removed from the Warehouse space on Saturday, October 31 by 5:00 pm.  Any items remaining at the Warehouse after 5:00 pm on Saturday will be considered abandoned and the Embassy reserves the right to sell these items in a future auction.

The total payment for purchases must be settled on the day of sale.  Property is sold as-is, on a non-returnable basis for cash payment in CFA (checks/I.O.U.s/credit will not be accepted).  There will be no refunds or warranties.   All non-official Embassy employees will be charged an additional customs tax.  No maintenance, repairs, and/or refurbishing of any kind will be performed by the Embassy.

All purchasers must provide their own transportation and laborers for moving and loading of the items purchased.  GSO will not assist in the transportation of any of these items.

Any questions concerning the auction can be addressed to the General Services Office Secretary, Abdoulkadri Hamadou at HamadouA@state.gov and +227 99-49-91-40.