U.S. Embassy Niamey Commends Niger’s Legal Electoral Process

Statement on Presidential Elections in Niger

Press Release 

For immediate release March 29, 2021

U.S. Embassy Niamey Commends Niger’s Legal Electoral Process


The U.S. Embassy supports the democratic process and rule of law in Niger.  We encourage all Nigeriens to respect the role that the Constitutional Court has under the electoral code to validate election results.  The Court has validated the second round of the presidential election results, affirming Mohamed Bazoum as the winner.  We urge the Nigerien people to respect the court’s decision and refrain from violence.

We stand by all Nigerien citizens who maintain their hope for a peaceful and democratic Niger. We applaud the Nigeriens who exercised their democratic right to vote in the second round of their presidential election, and we congratulate those poll workers and CENI officials who did their part in ensuring their jurisdictions had free, fair, credible, and transparent elections.

We commend Niger’s commitment to democracy with its first-ever peaceful democratic transfer of power from one elected president to another next month.  The United States congratulates President-elect Bazoum and looks forward to working with him and the new democratically elected government.