U.S. Embassy Niamey Congratulates Nigeriens for Peaceful Presidential and Legislative Elections

For immediate release December 28, 2020

The U.S. Embassy congratulates the people of Niger who exercised their democratic right to vote in their presidential and legislative elections on December 27.

The U.S. Embassy election monitors noted calm, peaceful, and orderly conditions at polling stations.  We also observed an improvement in the number of polling stations opening on time and having the proper materials available.  We witnessed an increase in mask wearing, and we urge Nigeriens to continue taking COVID mitigation measures seriously.  It was a successful day for Niger, the Nigerien people, and Niger’s democracy.

We recognize and appreciate the hard work and peaceful conduct of Nigerien voters, election organizers, political parties, civil society, and security forces in carrying out this election under safe conditions.

We encourage all stakeholders, no matter their political identity, to work together in the common interest of the Nigerien people and to ensure all future elections are free, credible, fair, safe, inclusive, and participative.

We encourage all party leaders to use the judicial procedures in place for electoral dispute resolution and to ensure their members remain patient and calm throughout the election certification process, voicing any objections through peaceful and legal means.

The United States is committed to promoting and strengthening democracies and civil societies.  We encourage Niger to continue supporting democratic processes and fundamental freedoms of expression, association, speech, and assembly.