U.S. Embassy Niamey Donates Computers, Books to Tahoua University and the “American Shelf” in Tahoua

On Monday December 7, U.S. Ambassador Eric P. Whitaker travelled to Tahoua where he made two donations on behalf of the American people to help further education and computer literacy to the people of Tahoua.

The donations included two boxes of computer books in French and English for the University of Tahoua as well as a selection of reference books.  This was Ambassador Whitaker’s second visit to this University this year.  During his first visit in February, he donated 20 computers and 10 uninterruptible power supplies.  Following that donation, the teachers and students requested books on computers and information technology to supplement the equipment.

While at the University, the Ambassador provided another donation consisting of two computers, one uninterruptible power supply, and five boxes of books to the U.S. Embassy’s “American Shelf.” The American Shelf is located in the public library of Tahoua’s House of Youth and Culture.

“We answered the people of Tahoua’s call for more resources,” stated Ambassador Whitaker.  “Computer literacy is a vital skill in today’s workforce, and we provided these resources to help Nigerien youth develop these essential skills.  It is another example that we are working together for a prosperous Niger,” he explained.