U.S. Embassy Niger Participates in Cure Salee

U.S. Embassy Niger traveled way beyond Niamey to the Sahara Desert cities of Agadez and  Ingall for Cure Salee, an annual celebration of the Tuaregs and other nomadic people of Northern Niger. The delegation ventured there to build relationships, inform people of the U.S. sponsored programs, and better understand the culture and needs of the people in these remote regions.

The delegation was honored to witness wonderful local dress, lavishly decorated camels and donkeys, and the incredible sounds of Tuareg musicians.

As noted, the intent for these travels was to build relationships, provide information on programs and learn more about the local culture and needs. U.S. Ambassador Eunice Reddick led an informative roundtable with key local stakeholders on youth and security, hearing from many community leaders about the multiple challenges for young people in the Nigerien interior. Additionally, the Ambassador was interviewed by Ingall community radio, discussing U.S. programs. And, she met with soccer players and young people engaged in festival clean-up  activities. Also, U.S. Embassy Niger sponsored a large information booth at the Cure Salee event, which provided valuable information on exchange programs and our American Corner in Agadez.

The delegation also visited with local clerics, toured the Agadez Mosque (a UNESCO world heritage site) and toured  the new American Corner in Agadez. The new corner promises to be an active center for exchange and U.S. programming, further extending the U.S. mission’s outreach.