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U.S. Government Donates Medical Equipment and Supplies to 74 Public Health Centers
October 15, 2020


Today, on behalf of the U.S. government, Ambassador Eric Whitaker donated medical equipment and supplies to the Nigerien Ministry of Health for the benefit of the 74 public health centers in health districts in Niamey and in Zinder.  With a value of more than 31 million FCFA (about $57,000), this donation includes clinical materials and office furniture to enhance family planning services and the client experience.

This donation is in response to a needs assessment conducted by the USAID-supported AmplifyPF project in March 2020 which highlighted the need for materials and equipment to ensure quality family planning service availability at all the supported clinics.  One of the project’s objectives is to upgrade health facilities through targeted training for clinical staff and through improvements to their technical platforms such as providing new equipment.

Ambassador Whitaker highlighted the U.S. government’s commitment to Niger’s Ministry of Health’s efforts to improve the well-being of Nigeriens.  He said, “The U.S. government partners with the Nigerien government to support Niger’s strategic development.  This includes continued voluntary access to quality family planning services which is a key marker of progress.”