Update – Last Repatriation Flight: U.S. Embassy Niamey, Niger

Location:  Niger

Event:  This message has been updated with information regarding the repatriation flight’s possible departure date, cost of tickets, baggage, and pets.

The Department of State is organizing one additional repatriation flight for U.S. citizens to the United States.  The flight is currently scheduled to depart Niamey, Niger to Washington, DC on Wednesday, April 29.  Confirm your interest in this flight immediately by replying to this message and sending a copy of your passport to NiameyACS@state.gov.  If you already sent us your information, there’s no need to send it again.  

Cost: Private U.S. citizens seeking to depart are required to sign a promissory note and will be billed at a later date by the Department of State in Washington, DC.  The promissory note approximate values are as follows: $1,747 (adult); $1,412 (child); $173 (infant).

Luggage Restrictions: 2 bags (40kg total for all checked luggage combined) and 1 carry-on per person.

Pets: Each passenger may have up to two pets in the cabin, but the total weight of both pets (or a single pet) and the associated carrier(s) must be less than 8kg. The carrier(s) must fit under the seat in front of that passenger. The airline may accommodate larger pets in carriers with the checked baggage but cannot be responsible to any harm to the animals that might occur in flight or in the baggage handling process.

We do not anticipate arranging any additional repatriation flights after this one.  U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who are not interested in immediate return to the United States should be prepared to remain in Niger until quarantine measures are lifted and regular commercial international travel is possible.

Please reply to this e-mail confirming that you would like to be considered for the flight next week.  If you have already submitted your information to NiameyACS@state.gov, simply confirm that you would like to be on this possible flight IMMEDIATELY.  If you have not done so, please send the following information for each traveler:

  • Full name as it appears on your passport
  • Citizenship
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Date of passport issuance and expiration
  • Email address and contact phone number
  • Current location
  • Desired onward destination in the U.S.
  • Special circumstances (including any medical or special assistance needs)

If you have previously applied for a U.S. passport or citizenship service, you should expect significant delays receiving your passport and your citizenship evidence documents.  In an emergency, our embassy can assist with an emergency passport for an adult or a minor.  For emergency passport services or questions concerning a pending case, please contact ConsulateNiamey@state.gov.

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