What is Chicago Cool? Ambassador Whitaker explains

At a big-shouldered hat-tip to the Windy City, on November 7, Ambassador Eric Whitaker held an event entitled “Chicago Cool:  An Evening of Art and Diplomacy” at his residence.  The night was filled with art, music, film, performances, and food to celebrate the installation of new artwork based on Chicago and mid-western themes and to welcome the new Public Affairs Officer, Cynthia Faby.  Guests munched on Chicago-style pizza with a Nigerien twist while listening to Chicago blues as the film “Chicago” played in the background.  The Art in Embassies delegation that helped curate the artwork, carefully chosen in collaboration with Ambassador Whitaker, was on hand to speak in depth about the collection, which features “Corn Havest” by Anthony Benton Guide and a sketch of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater as well as to give background on the history of the Arts in Embassies program.  The delegation also answered specific questions in detail about the art posed by guests.  In addition to the American artists works on display, there was art by local Nigerian artists and the artists were present to talk about their works with the guests.  The highlight of the evening was the performance of two Nigerian slammers whose free-style poetry spoke of Chicago with a Nigerien flair.  The event was an homage to the American Midwest and one of America’s grandest cities.  #chicagocoolniamey