WhatsApp Groups Flourish

Habsatou Aboubacar

What’s up with WhatsApp? It’s one of the most popular social media networks in Niger. WhatsApp helps the people of Niger form networks and stay in touch using cellphone technology. Taking advantage of the popularity of WhatsApp and helping to form meaningful networks for Nigeriens, U.S. Embassy Niger formed two very active groups: a WhatsApp group for women entrepreneurs and one for STEM students headed by our youth robot team leaders. The groups are facilitated by volunteer students from the U.S. who are invested in these topics.

Additionally, we hold regular mentoring sessions with Nigerien experts, including a session with entrepreneur Habsatou Aboubacar, the director of the successful camel milk company Habsatou Lait de Chamelle.  Habsatou spent more than an hour in the session, even sending photos of her most prodigious camels!